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Thank you for volunteering to coach a team with Idaho Inferno Soccer Club. Your time and efforts are vital to the success of the club. Here is a list of responsibilities and reminders to help you have a terrific season.

1. Once you receive your team roster, you will need to contact each player, introduce yourself, and provide information on the practice and game schedule.

2. Games will be played in the rain. Please remember that coaches are not to cancel games themselves, even in inclement weather. If a game is canceled, the Registrar and/or Board Members will contact (usually by e-mail) each coach.

3. If you have any questions about your responsibilities, please contact our board:


  1. Bring your Coach’s Binder with all player medical releases to every practice and game. Print a Medical Release Form here.
  2. Have all your players bring a water bottle to each practice and game.
  3. Set a consistent and age-appropriate practice schedule. START on time and END on time.
  4. Clean up fields before and after practices and games. Have your players help!
  5. Make sure parents have a way to contact you.
  6. Stay in close contact with your parents. Make sure they know of any changes to the game schedule or your practice schedule.
  7. Practice the skills needed to develop well rounded players. Use the curriculum in your binder!
  8. Have a plan for each practice and keep your players active and focused. Discipline in practice translates into discipline during games.
  9. Limit scrimmaging to 1/3 of your total practice time.
  10. Encourage good sportsmanship! We insist upon it!
  11. Foster teamwork.
  12. Have FUN! It’s contagious! Spread the fun to all!