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When do registrations open?

Inferno Recreation: Fall season registrations begin May 1st and end in July. Spring season registrations begin November 1st and end in February.

Inferno Competitive: Register online for Tryouts starting in April.  Tryouts are held the first week in June at Brothers Park for an opportunity to be on an Inferno roster.

Which age group does my child play in?

Please reference this age group chart.

Why do registrations end so early?

Registration deadlines are placed in order to enable our board to confirm coaches, place teams, order uniforms, hold coaches meetings and enable ample practice before the first game. Our board generally needs 4-6 weeks to facilitate all these processes.

What does the “U” mean?

“U” stands for “Under”; so U8 is for children under the age of 8 years old.  Children are placed in age groups according to the year they were born as per US Soccer rules and guidelines.  You can find an age chart on our home page.

How can I purchase and additional uniform?

To purchase additional uniform jerseys, shorts and socks go to Soccer, Etc.  Click below.

How do you create the teams?

Our registrars look at a variety of factors in making up the team rosters. The teams generally consist of players from the same school, which is why we ask which school your child attends on our registration forms. We try to honor special requests for carpooling and coaches as long as we aren’t aware of conflicts. Special requests must be made at the time of registration, and they are never guaranteed. All requests are subject to Board approval. U6-U10 requests will be considered. U11-U19: no requests will be taken. Children are placed on a team according to age and experience.

What do our registration dollars pay for?

There are many expenses related with the successful administration of a non-profit soccer club. Our recurring expenses, include but are not limited to uniforms, player and coach insurance, goals, soccer balls, cones, coaches binders, medals, field lining paint, referees, printing, postage, website maintenance, credit card processing, phone expense, coach training, league team entry fees, and more.

Why do you need sponsors if we pay for the registrations?

Sponsorships allow us to keep our fees as low as possible. Without these community partners our registration fees would not cover all the costs as listed above. If you know a business or individual who is community minded and would like to support our efforts, please see our Sponsors & Donations page.

I’m interested in volunteering, how can I help?

We are always looking for coaches for our teams! Contact our Registrar(s) if you’re interested in coaching at any level. We are also in need of additional sponsors and other general league volunteers. Contact us if you’d like to help IISC in any way.

What time commitment is involved when I register my child?

For the U6 & U8 Divisions, you can generally figure on two practices per week (45-60 minutes) and weekly Saturday games for 7-8 weeks. The U10 and older divisions can have 2-3 practices per week with up to 90 minutes per practice. U11 and older teams practice 2-3 times per week and have mostly Saturday games. Half of their games are at our home field (Brothers Park) and half are away.

When and where are practices held?

Coaches are responsible for setting practice days and times. We ask that coaches practice at Brothers Park or pick a practice location either at the school where the players attend or central to where the majority of the players live. Practice locations and times cannot always be convenient for everyone! Coaches will try to work with you as best as they can, but they also have schedules and families of their own they must accommodate. We will not move your child to a different team because you do not like the location or time that the team practices. Coaches get to choose, and they have the final decision to make regarding their practices.  Coaches are to practice twice a week in the evenings, and games are on Saturdays for the Recreation league.

My child has never played soccer before. What do we need to have for him/her to play?

Our club provides the uniform jersey or full uniform for games and equipment for practices. The things you’ll need to provide are: soccer cleats (mandatory for U11+ age groups!) or athletic shoes (U6-U10 age groups), shin guards, soccer socks to cover the shin guards, and shorts or sweats as appropriate for the weather. There are many days when it is cold and windy, so please be prepared to ensure your child will stay warm and healthy. Please make sure your player always has a full water bottle available at practices and games.

Why do you require a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

We have to verify your child’s legal name and date of birth to ensure they are playing in the correct age group. This becomes even more important when older kids play in tournaments.  Verification is required by our State Association.  The club registrars have to verify the player with a birth certificate, a passport or an Idaho ID card.  All copies of birth certificates, paper or digital are destroyed after verification has been made in our computer system.  For everyone’s safety, we do not keep birth certificate files.

When will I be contacted by a coach?

We hold a coaches’ meeting two or three weeks before the first game. Recreation coaches receive their rosters and equipment. It is up to them to contact their team and set up practices before the first game. You should hear from a coach one or two weeks before the first game. If the first game is only a week away and you haven’t heard from a coach, then contact our registrars ( so we can give you contact information for the coach. Remember they have busy schedules too. If the first game is still more than a week away, please do not call to inquire about a coach. We give our coaches ample time to contact you first.

What’s the best way to contact Crossfire?

We prefer e-mails. When you need to get a hold of us, e-mail is the fastest way to get in touch. Our registrars return e-mails quickly. They will answer questions and get back to you the fastest through e-mail. Many times the phone messages do not get returned for several days because there are not enough hours in a day.  Check out our About COSC & Contact Us page for current emails.