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Game Schedule – Competitive

Schedules are created by IYSA.  Click here to see all scheduled ISL competitive games.

Click on your team below to view their individual game schedule.

Note: For questions relating to date of schedule release and game start dates, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ)

Boys TeamCoach
2011 Boys Inferno CopaBarry Bean
2010 Boys Inferno CopaJose Amaya
2009 Boys Inferno CopaJesse Hernandez
2009 Boys Irnferno LigaLenny Foster
2008 Boys Inferno CopaJose Escutia
2008 Boys Inferno LigaRosario Soto
2007 Boys Inferno CopaMatt Smith
2007 Boys Inferno LigaCesar Riperto
2006 Boys Inferno CopaKevin Hyer
2005 Boys Inferno CopaEric Nye
2004 Boys Inferno CopaRyan Porter
2004 Boys Inferno LigaBobby Hallingshead
2003 Boys Inferno CopaSeth Vanderpool

Girls TeamCoach
2011 Girls Inferno CopaFrancisco Sanchez
2010 Girls Inferno CopaGilbert Rangel
2010 Girls Inferno LigaTeena Steele
2009 Girls Inferno CopaBrandon Jenkins
2008 Girls Inferno CopaAlex Serrano
2007 Girls Inferno CopaShelby Nicoletti
2007 Girls Inferno LigaKevin Hyer
2006 Girls Inferno CopaDenise Foster
2005 Girls Inferno CopaCarly Hume
2005 Girls Inferno LigaBrandon Jenkins
2004 Girls Inferno CopaIneke Severa
2004 Girls Inferno LigaJoel Castro
2003 Girls Inferno CopaChris Siegenthaler